Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Around Our "Homestead"

Pumpkin Plant Among Weeds

I thought I would give you tour on my humble homestead.  First stop, my messy, messy vegetable garden:
 A squash growing near the fence.
 A cucumber in a pot on a stump. It was kinda late getting started, not sure if it will produce or not.
Two tomato plants with a cage around them,
Our pepper plant that has one larger pepper and one smaller pepper. 

Next stop in our compost bin:
Picture from when it was made.
Inside the compost bin now. I have been adding some leaves, a bit of garden waste, a few egg shells and some coffee grounds. 

Now on to my birds feeders: 

These were both made for Little One's Ohio Birds 4-H project.  

Next, on to the front corner of our backyard homestead:

This tree fell down on during the July 11th storm.  
 This is the area now after Hubby and PC took care of the tree.  They still have a bit of work to do, but it has been too hot.
This is a bundle of limbs that we kept from the tree.  We hope to make garden posts with them.  PC is going to cut the twigs off, cut them to size and sharpen the ends to make spears.  I figured why buy poles when we can get them for free! 

Now, into the house: 
Our 1st Harvest!  Already eaten! lol!!!  
Our second harvest.  I had to pick these a bit early.  The picture looks a bit redder than they were, but something got a hold of the other tomato in the cluster and ate on it even though it was under a net.  I didn't want to loose these too.

Well, there you have it, my little itty, bitty homestead.  Next year we plan to expand it a lot.  The area where that tree fell down is now open and bright and sunny.  Of course, the first thought that entered my mind when Hubby said, "the yard is a lot brighter now since that tree fell", was "more room for raised garden beds!" lol!!! 


  1. How satisfying to have your own garden and pick the food for the table that you've grown yourself.

    I've had a struggle with deer eating the tops of my strawberry plants and chipmunks/squirrels carrying off the berries. Managed to get a few for ourselves.

  2. Great garden pics! Those tomatoes are beautiful. That is a wonderful idea on making spears with the tree branches.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and thank you for your comment.

  3. We had a few tomatoes ripen in early July but nothing since then. Our plants are loaded w/ green tomatoes, just waiting for them to start turning red!